About Us



Rotolpiave of Sernaglia della Battaglia in the province of Treviso, active since 1975, is a leader in the packaging sector.

Rotolpiave was founded in 1975 by Grotto Elia and Meneghello Elide, it develops and grows as papermaking in the packaging sector, offering a wide range of paper and plastic products, and materials for cleaning and hygiene.

To cope with the various evolutions of the market, Rotolpiave produces customized solutions thanks to its great flexibility in addition to standard products. A peculiar element of all family-run companies.


Not just Packaging

In recent years, the company has focused on the eco-sustainability of paper and recycled plastic packaging. We offer:
  • Punctuality
  • Efficiency (Just in Time order management)
  • Safety

We decided to transform the packaging into a central element of the companies’ production system: once paper was only used as packaging in our sector but today it is used in the actual production of various goods!

We want our customers to need less space in their warehouses.

We guarantee our customers weekly deliveries, therefore we can also manage small quantities.

Our strong points

Packaging Specialists

National and International Business

Wide Range of Products